Take the 2A bus to the edge of town and get off when you find the entrance to Tingbjerg. It’s the only road in, so you’ll have to follow it.  You’ll find friendly people, a few shops, imagery you may have seen on the news, and a single high-rise. Now listen:  King Kong is coming to Tingbjerg, and she’s going to climb that building.

We went to build a park in Gedser, but instead found a big and strict king and some chaos caused by a team of fitness tricksters!

An Informal-speech for the launch party of The Nordic Pavilion at the Dakar Biennial, Senegal, 2010

We opened a post office in Reykjavík, and delivered some VERY LARGE postcards all over Iceland. If you have only one letter to send, send it BIG.

An exploration of the conditions for a new, potential community as a response to the environmental and resource-related challenges the world is facing.

Watercolors evaluating some of our own projects.

Everyone Can Use The Harbor/ The Harbor Laboratory was a project running from June to October 2008. The goal was to test new uses of the harbor and hopefully bring some fresh perspective to the harbor situation in Copenhagen.